CV19 is a volunteer organisation setup to provide Cyber support for those in need. This was setup following the outbreak of COVID19 (Corona Virus) across the world.

Our focus is on Prevent and Response services to support healthcare services in the UK and Europe on a voluntary basis.


We are here to help healthcare organisations identify, protect, detect and respond to existing and emerging cyber threats using volunteers.

We aim to achieve this by the following:

Our primary purpose

To facilitate and enable a Volunteer Matchmaking service to give healthcare services access to a pool of cyber security experts (primary focus)

Secondary activities

We also aim to provide additional support in the following areas:

  • Threat Intel
  • Security Awareness
  • BCP
  • Incident Response Planning
  • Supply Chain Assurance Planning
  • Non Invasive OSINT and Threat Hunting

About CV19

CV19 was setup in response to the recognition that public healthcare services in a time crisis need all the support they can get.

CV19 was formed and is operated by:

  • Lisa Forte
  • Daniel Card
  • Radslaw Gnat